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An initiative designed together with and aimed to all those who would like to approach music didactics in a new and more direct way.

We designed this formula together and we called


That is to say the possibility of having an offer that includes:

  • An harmonic analisys of the track.
  • The harmonic scheme on pentagram in three different tonalities.
  • The sheet of the piano accompaniment, the video tutorial on the accompaniment represented by  the musical sheet.

All of this with the aim of putting most of you in a position to have all the informations regarding a given track, should you wish to learn and perform it with the piano.

We have added the three versions of the sheet of the harmonic scheme (with two sheets in two different tonalities, different from the original) to allow everyone to play music in a register of sounds appropriate to the voice of each one.

One Spartutorial: Euro 5,00 which can be purchased automatically and payable with Paypal or credit card.

For other forms of payment or info write me on

Below is the presentation video of the project and of “Questo piccolo grande amore” by Claudio Baglioni.

Spartutotorials available: click on the image to see the preview of the video.

Roberto Vecchioni ‘Luci a San Siro’

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The Beatles ‘Michelle’

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