Tutorial showcase

A series of Videotutorials “no free” (explained step by step) showing hands on the keyboard. Possibility to have the partiture faithful to the performance or facilitated.

Please watch out: the link sent have a deadline; do not leave them in the emails you receive but cover them in a folder on your PC. They will not be returned.


The 10 new entries:

_ Renato Zero ‘Ancora qui’
_ Claudio Baglioni ‘Il sogno è sempre’
_ Brunori Sas ‘Kurt Cobain’
_ Marco Masini ‘Caro Babbo’
_ Frank Sinatra ‘I’ve got you under my skin
_ Lucio Battisti ‘Gente per bene e gente per male’
_ Stadio ‘E mi alzo sui pedali’
_ Camaleonti ‘Eternità’
_ Fabio Concato ‘Gigi’
_ Mina ‘Grande, grande, grande’

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