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Mr. Ernesto Carugati semi-serious biography

Mr. Carugati is one of the leading pianist and composers of the International musical and instrumental scene and when he speaks of himself he loves to exaggerate.Jokes aside he is a humble musician and teacher who expresses his creativity in an eremo in Lombardy, far from the vortex of modern life. It is there that his videos are born as well as where he receives his students and he expresses his passionate way of making music without ever taking himself too seriously , but, on the contrary doing things very seriously. Just as he decided to open a Youtube channel which is very popular today and has become its main form of communication with the rest of the world, a world made up of piano lovers, musical harmony but also simply curious who become in time great virtual friends.

In some cases not only virtual, as it is for inseparable Erminia with whom he duets every Friday in a way as inevitable as the SanRemo Festival. His “light piano”, as he likes to call it, has made inroads into the hearts of many now become a small army even on social media, all marching to the cry of: “throw the partiture…play to infinity”.
Tino has been playing for quite a while. The times of the Milan Conservatory are quite far away.
But then his anarchic character led him to do things alone, to learn to play other instruments, to live the piano always as a choice, never as someone’s imposition. And with time things got worse, it is difficult to see him outside his studio, at concerts, least of all.
Applauses never interested him; on the other hand the dozens of emails, messages and any form of communication he receives daily, from all those who do not like to call followers but simply friends and who became in time his life blood and greatest support. Just like his family and his students, some of whom he considers real like Childs, artistically speaking.

A men, a genuine musician, absolutely reachable, always available to answer every comment, phone call, request to take a coffee together.

Tino, at the bottom, it is a bit of everyone. Come to him, people of musicians, but always do it with a smile and an open heart, ask and you will be given, ask and you will be told; commission a musical base and it will be done.

In short Tino is inside these words, in all that you can find in this site, which hopes however always to grow again on Youtube frequencies, with passion that has always characterized his life choices, with the desire to nothings right for all those who know how to appreciate his commitment and availability as well as his mistakes.

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